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Women Ministry

Women ministry is for all women - no matter the age, race or life stage. We want to edify and strengthen each other as we develop a more Christ-centered relationship with others. 

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Karen Thomas

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Men Ministry

Our goal is to equip and train men to be leader's in their home, work, and life. Our desire is to support, pray, and hold each other accountable for one another as we live and show Jesus 


Ryan Sims

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Acts 1:8 Ministry

Our mission through Acts 1:8 ministry is to equips Christians to care, share and connect people to Christ through not only our church body, but as well as our local community right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.


Severa Trevino

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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is an effort from all ministries to teach and help youth grow in their walk with the Lord. Youth Ministry seeks to help youth share their gifts, grow in life skills, and develop a positive self-image.


Micah Willis

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Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a key foundation to our church. We meet often throughout the week to pray our church body, staff and community. Our goal is that prayer will be a key influence to our church to bring unity.


Jean Trussell

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Children Ministry

Is a ministry for First through Fifth Graders. We have interactive teaching by our kids teachers and fun worship. Then we break out into groups to play games, crafts and get to know one another and build new friendships.


Carrie Wallestad

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College Ministry

Our college ministry exists to create a Christ-centered community dedicated to Scripture, Authenticity, and Discipleship. Our mission is to be reflection of Christ and make His name renown. 


Brandon Gaskin